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03/12/17 ::: full supermoon in gemini

december’s full supermoon in gemini is a powerful and complex moon for communication and reflection. the december full moon is a good time to take a pause and turn inwards. gemini’s ruling planet is mercury – the planet of communication. how do we communicate with the world around us? how do we communicate with ourselves? listen to your inner narrative, how you relate to the past, your actions, our relations.

mercury is now retrograde, a time of reflection and healing. it’s time to level up! focus on self-improvement, to clear misconceptions and refine our sense of perception. it is to be noted that the three-week mercury retrograde is notorious for delays in communication and travel, and technological glitches.

at this time both the moon and the sun square neptune. the moon square in neptune promotes a strong psychic energy that can be channeled to positive creation::: clear your mind and focus on that which you want to manifest~

as a supermoon, the moon is closer to the earth than normal and at its brightest phase it has the potential to powerfully reinforce and clarify your energies.

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